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Unlike many small Jewish communities which consist predominantly of the elderly, Chatham is fortunate to have a comparatively large number of young families among its members. The Synagogue keeps the issue of education under constant review. At present the following activities take place:

Bar/Batmitzvah Training

The Synagogue provides for all aspects of preparation for Bar/Batmitzvah for the children of our members, including regular one-to-one sessions to teach the skills of leyning and haftorah reading. A flexible approach is taken to the content of Bar/Batmitzvah ceremonies in order to accommodate any level of pre-existing religious knowledge and the differing talents of the individuals involved.


Bar/Batmitzvah ceremonies normally take place on Shabbat. Parents of young people interested in being Bar/Batmitzvah at Chatham are invited to make contact with the Synagogue at the earliest opportunity to discuss their needs. 


Fortnightly Yiddish Class


Dovid Tauber spoke Yiddish at home in Wales when he was growling up, while speaking Welsh at school. He moved to Kent in 2022 and joined our synagogue.

He is now leading a fortnightly Yiddish class on Zoom. For dates and times, please check our What's On page.

School visits

Chatham Memorial Synagogue has, for many years, welcomed students from Key Stage 1 upwards. 


We offer exciting interactive and hands-on tours and workshops to help the students (and teachers!) understand more about Judaism, the Jewish community, Jewish culture, the Holocaust and much more.  


Food is very important to the Jewish community, so we often offer the opportunity to try a traditional Jewish food- delicious! 


We are always happy to hear if you would like a particular topic covered, and we are often able to adapt your visit accordingly. 


Visits are usually half-day, but full day visits can also be arranged.

The video opposite gives an overview of the type of content covered in a school or group visit to the synagogue. The video shows various items used in Jewish services and on our festivals.


Details of any specific requirements can be discussed at the time of booking.

If you would like to talk to us about a visit for your school, scouts/ beavers/ cubs/ brownies/ rainbows/ guides, or any other group (we do adult tours too!), please contact us using the button below. 

We are a small team, so it may take a few days to get back to you- please do bear with us. 


We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Help with the liturgy


Not everyone who attends services in the synagogue is totally familiar with the liturgy and the wonderful variety of our prayers and tunes. We are always happy to give our congregants as much explanation and instruction as is practical, both during and after the service.

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