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Forthcoming Events

The following events are planned for 2014:

Ramsgate Montefiore Heritage

Ramsgate Montefiore Herigate will be holding a talk about the architect of the Montefiore Synagogue on Tuesday 1 April at the Comfort Inn in Ramsgate. Click here for further details on the Jewish Kent web site.


 at Chatham Memorial Synagogue

Saturday 5th April 2014

featuring the choir of


directed by Ruth Colin

    20.00 Welcome to Chatham Memorial Synagogue

    20.15 Preparing for Havdalah : poetry and readings
           by Rabbi Dr Andrew Goldstein

    20.32 Havdalah followed by a short concert of Hebrew Psalms

Yom Haatzmaut Party     Sunday May 11 - details to be finalised

At Chatham Memorial Synagogue, every religious occasion is also a social occasion. We have a Kiddush after every service (except Yom Kippur, of course!) where members, friends and visitors can socialise and enjoy a glass of wine or grape juice accompanied by light refreshments.

Of course if it is a Bar Mitzvah or other celebration then the Kiddush can be more sumptuous with fish balls, herrings and other Jewish delicacies.

In recent months we have introduced a Kiddush after the service on Friday evenings preceded by a rousing chorus of the traditional song Shalom Aleichem.

Chanukah and Purim are always the focus of the social calendar at Chatham Memorial Synagogue with a traditional tea and whenever possible, entertainment for the children. We had a Purim play in 2010 for the children of Jewish Kent and we hope to repeat this in the future. Similarly Simchat Torah has always been celebrated with great gusto though occasionally we combine it with Shabbat Bereshit.

We also hold a communal Seder at Passover on the second Seder night, when we usually enjoy the company of around 40 members and friends. Unfortunately, due to a number of members being away, it may not be possible in 2014.

Over the years, a number of concerts have been held in the synagogue which boasts excellent acoustics,. Details of some of these events can be found on our Concerts page.

For details of other events held in previous years, please visit our Previous Events page.

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